“As the prime funder of Youth activities in the UK, the UJIA provide core funding for mainstream Jewish youth movements, covering rent and staff salaries, whilst the JYF is able to fund small specific items for the youth movements eg leadership training and other youth organisations that may not receive support from UJIA.”

JYF grants are suitable for:

  • Organisations, groups and clubs not individuals
  • Opportunities to provide an environment for informal education or young Jews to be together in a positive learning/active situation
  • Youth defined as 11 to 18
  • All types of Jewish affiliation and levels of practice
  • Groups anywhere in the UK
  • Seed funding of new initiatives whether capital costs, marketing or start-up running costs such as salary or rent etc. or new equipment for a new project in order to prove the viability of the concept/initiative when more standard sources of funding should be available
  • Programmes such as leadership training, trips, teaching initiatives, or a sub-group within an existing organisation but not suitable for core running costs of an established applicant for salaries and rent
  • Partial funding as JYF will not usually provide 100% funding and likes to see matched funding from Family/friends of the organisation or other funding sources
  • New and different projects to the same applicant but usually not for more than 2 different projects in a row before a break of at least 12 months
  • Requests for multiple years may be considered in a start-up situation in order to get an initiative off the ground, with subsequent year funding dependent on and acceptable and formal progress report

In considering proposals we try to:

  • Ensure the diversity of groups and projects supported
  • Take advice from a wide body of advisors or anyone with better knowledge of the application, including comments from interested parties
  • Be aware of application views from alternative funders such as Children’s Aid Committee (CAC) or Oxford & St George’s (OStG)
  • That applicants are supported in the widest sense and encouraged to be aware of and aim for best practice
  • Visit each group during the application process and where possible by members of the Advisory Committee and Trustees once the grant has been paid over
  • Follow up a grant with a report on the use of the funds and an evaluation

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