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Jewish Youth Fund - About Us

The Jewish Youth Fund was established in 1937 to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI with the object of strengthening Anglo–Jewish youth work. The Fund continues to achieve this by making grants and/or loans to Jewish youth organisations throughout Great Britain towards the cost of projects and equipment that will enhance the Jewish youth service and provide constructive leisure time activity for Jewish young people.

Until the early 1960’s the resources of the Jewish Youth Fund were usually used for the purchase or building of Jewish youth work premises. Low interest loans were made to the clubs in return for the Freeholds of the premises. As the Jewish community moved to new areas most of the original premises were sold and the proceeds of those sales now form the basis of the Jewish Youth Fund capital funds.

The only freehold still held is that of Skeet Hill House – a house in the country – operated as a conference and activity centre by "The Bradians" for the benefit of the youth groups from the Jewish community at large. A major improvement programme has recently been completed providing facilities to fully accommodate 70 youngsters and their relevant support staff.

The Jewish Youth Fund is the only national independent fund to which Jewish youth organisations of any persuasion can apply for support. Grants totalling more than £90,000 were awarded in the financial year to September 2007. These ranged between £1,600 and £15,000 for purposes as diverse as youth leadership training, the purchase of equipment and the refurbishment of premises.

The Fund adopted a new Constitution in 2007, and is administered by the Director who reports to the Board. The Board meets twice a year, to discuss business and to meet with the Investment Managers to receive the report on the funds under management. Distributions are made following the twice-yearly Advisory Group meetings. There are currently 5 members of the Board with an ability to appoint up to a total of 10; there are 14 members of the allocation committee (including the Board) with the ability to appoint up to 20 members.

JYF Personnel


  • Stephen Spitz
  • Philippa Strauss


  • David Brown
  • David Goldberg
  • Joshua Marks
  • Lord Jonathan Morris
  • Ruth, Lady Morris of Kenwood CBE
  • Adam Rose
  • Elliot Simberg

Advisory Board

  • Es Rosen
  • Stanley Silver


  • Julia Samuel