Welcome to the Jewish Youth Fund

Providing grants and/or loans to Jewish youth organisations throughout Great Britain towards the cost of projects and equipment that will enhance the Jewish youth service and provide constructive leisure time activity for Jewish young people.


Jewish Youth Fund - Welcome

The Jewish Youth Fund was established in 1937 to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI with the object of strengthening Anglo-Jewish youth work.

The Fund continues to achieve this by making grants and/or loans to Jewish youth organisations throughout Great Britain.

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JYF Grants Criteria

Criteria 01

Organisations, groups and clubs not individuals.


Criteria 02

Requests for multiple years may be considered in a start-up situation in order to get an initiative off the ground. Funding in subsequent years is dependant on receiving a report on what has happened.


Criteria 03

Opportunities to provide a positive informal education environment for young Jews in the UK.

Latest News

Jewish Youth Fund - Applications are now closed for consideration for Winter 2014

The next distribution of grants will take place in Winter 2016.

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Jewish Youth Fund - The Catherine Lewis Centre

Maccabi GB fielded a team with the help of the Jewish Youth Fund.

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Jewish Youth Fund - BBYO Grant

UJS Training Summit.

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Jewish Youth Fund - Kisharon School

The Jewish Youth Fund and Oxford & St Georges jointly funded the construction and equipping of a music recording studio for the Boys Clubhouse.

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